To be noticed without striving to be 
noticed; this is what elegance is - L Barbera

There is a need for every organization to resonate the company's ethics values and believes in their employees and hence a need to lay stricter guidelines in the dress code to bring in uniformity and sense of belonging amongst the employees. We bring in the Style Scale to help the organization form a hierarchy and department segregation with their dress code.

We also help in Uniform Design to suit every body type and frame and adding elements and accessories to uplift the boring garment, hence worth which there shall be a happy face to a every uniform.

When all four elements like the cutlery, the table layout, the wine and the service happen in equal measures, it makes for a Pro Diner. People often judge you by your ease at the dining table in a restaurant. In this workshop you will learn how an appropriate image can extend to dining as well. You shall gain understanding on.

  • Appropriate Table Layout (American/ Continental)
  • Appropriate use of cutlery, and chopsticks
  • Understanding of flatware, and glassware.
  • Dining Etiquettes for Business Dinners

When you appear attractively dressed and well groomed, personally authentic and appropriate for the occasion, you create a positive impression and others are more able to perceive your positive traits.

Be it a job interview, a meeting with a colleague or the CEO, we guide you on what looks best, and is successful in conveying your work ethics, attitude and dedication to work, because believe it or not, first impressions are formed at a quick 30 second, way before you even start to communicate.

We introduce the concept of Image Management and The Style Scale© that has been taught and implemented in mostly all the international MNC's

Leaders in business are expected to have highest standards of presentation skills. We obviously don't dwell into the subject, but dig deep into the other two equally important pointers to a successful presentation i.e. Self Presentation and Audience Attention Grasp.

While pitching right and modulating voices, adheres and guarantees attention of your audience. Fielding questions, using gestures, postures and effective eye contact are some of the various other presentation skills.

A well-versed person is the one that would look impressive as well as articulate well; you may be well read in your field, but if something is not communicated well, it may not be very effective.

Projecting an effective command over voice and over coming nervousness shall be worked upon in this module bring about a positive change in the way you make a formal presentation.

Presenting yourself in the boardroom, or giving a presentation to the board members can be quite exasperating at times. What should I wear, how must I start my presentation, where must I focus, how should I seat my colleagues. Certain questions and a lot of confidence shall be built up in this session. Hold on tight because you might be the best presenter you firm ever hired.