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 Personal Style (Woman) – Body Shape and Type

Whether you're curvy, boyish, petite, or full-figured — our Body shape techniques will help you look your best both at the office and when stepping out for the evening. Everyone has a unique Body Shape and one must understand the body type and adapt countering techniques to look your best. We will help you enhance your personal appearance. In this module you shall gain knowledge on.

  • Understanding various Body Shapes
  • Determine the art of countering or repeating techniques
  • Deciding what shape suits you

Personal Style (Men) – Body Shape and Type

The clothes you wear and how well they fit you are two different things altogether and blending them is a 'Fine Art' that only Gentlemen do. We go into the details of how well you can work with your body frame, and how well can you enhance or alter it.

  • Best Suit fittings- design details
  • Understanding your Body Frame and working with it
  • Power Scale

Decoding Color Harmony

Do you see yourself as a sunny yellow, a passionate red or a cool blue? Find out which color best reflects your personality. Finding out the best colors that complement your skin type is essential to looking good. 

In this workshop you shall gain awareness on.

  • The concept of color and harmony
  • Concept of Neutrals and accent colors
  • Individual Color appropriateness
  • Color Combinations

Dressing Appropriate – Body Shape & Type

Dressing Appropriately is a fundamental for your Image and your attractiveness. One must understand the various dynamics related to one's Body Shape and how to dress it accordingly. In this workshop we talk about

  • Your personal Body Shape
  • Art of dressing as per Body Shapes
  • Understanding your Body Type and its variations
  • Camouflaging different body challenges.


Wardrobe Evaluation – Cluster Concept


Ever had that moment where you stood in front of the wardrobe and felt you have nothing new to wear or fail to understand what color goes with what. Well, after decoding the color harmony workshop this should be like a cake-walk. All you have to understand is the concept of clustering ( a series of 5-8 pieces that you can combine well with each other).


  • Demonstrative Teaching


Make up for Everyday Woman

important aspect to dressing sharp is efficient application of makeup. In this module we will teach you grooming and the art of using corrective makeup, to look sharp and at ease in your organization, professional environment, social gathering, or everyday. We believe you learn more by doing it yourself, and hence this is a do it yourself workshop, which shall enrich with information on Makeup tools, your right colors and application.