Shopping Service FAQ's

1.  What is Personal Shopping?

A :  Personal shopping is a new evolving concept in India. It is a professional service provided by an Image Consultant who could be your very own personal stylist. Your stylist shall recommend and advice clothing and accessories based on your figure, body specifics, lifestyle and personal preferences.

2.  Who needs a Personal Shopper?

A :  Anyone who is an enthusiast of looking well presented, but doesn’t know how with the overwhelming array of trends, styles and brands in the market . Also, anyone who is too busy or lacks the patience to shop but yet wants to be up-to-date in style.

3.  Who is it for?

A :  We at Grassroots cater to Men and Women alike!

4.  How long does this session last?

A :  Ideally a personal shopping sessions lasts from anywhere between 4-6 hours. But its always based on discretion of either party.

5.  How do I prepare for this service?

A :  Once you book an appointment, you must avail of our mini Image Consulting package for us to understand your lifestyle and personality preferences, figure type, body challenges and personal coloration, in order to have a smooth shopping session with your Image Consultant/ Personal Shopper.

6.  Can this service be gifted?

A :  Yes, of course, you can gift this service to anyone you like. We also have festive offers and gift vouchers providing discounts and additional member services. Watchout!