Style Consultation

Perfectly well-dressed gives one tranquility

that no religion can bestow.” 

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Grassroots consulting service offers a wide range of Modules to deal with all your Image-related queries, ranging from your Personal Style to your Grooming and Etiquette. Individual consulting services are offered on-demand with the following modules presented below. 

Choose from our extensive range of services or customize them according to your needs. 

Everyone of us have an image and it's either working or not working. Discovering your personal and lifestyle preferences will help you understand more about yourself that will help you take informed decisions about your clothing needs. 

Our consulting service exposes you to a variety of evaluation tools that will get you a crystal clear picture of your physical, psychological, personal, social, and professional needs.


A more specific and detailed idea of the client's lifestyle, be it a job transition or a fresher trying to find a hold in the corporate world, or a home maker trying to get a fresh start.

We thus, understand your goals and help you accelerate the process of achieving it. With this clinic we form a basic idea of your personality and lifestyle choices that in the end help us make decisions on your clothing needs (professional/casual) and your suitable Image type.

Every individual possess a unique style, something you call your own. Most of us, mould ourselves with the society and work atmosphere we live in. However, if we aren't in our personal style we tend to feel awkward and out of our zones.

We advice you, on how to keep your work and society as a backdrop and work your way through with your own personal unique style. We understand this concept with the brief on the elements of design followed by your personal grid and a personal value evaluation!.


Wardrobe's a mess? Don't know what works with what, why and how?

Many closets are filled with things that make no sense; clothes waiting to be sorted out or discard, alter or dry-clean.

We look at your wardrobe with a keen sense of identifying your personal style, following which we create new outfits using your own garments or even make a shopping list, or item we find missing as per your daily requirements!

A wardrobe may be with the best style and trends, but how does it benefit you, if it doesn't fit right?.

We've recognized about 8 figure types and about 108 figure variations! We don't just categorize you into a for example, a diamond shape and make you stick to that particular style, we help you carve out your own niche and make you self-reliant to pick your own designs!

We use the best of reliable tools to help you understand your body and figure variation, and strategies on how to dress to flatter your figure so that you can love the skin you're in.


Your wife compliments you on that particular color, you feel delighted to wear the wear the same. How come?

We, at Grassroots, differ from other Image Consultants across the globe and give you, your personal as well seasonal color fans that are specific to you and only you. We recommend that you become a part of your color scheme with your clothes and cosmetics, and we tell you how!

Take your portable color fans with you next time, and you will realize once you understand your body and your personal colors, shopping, takes a much delightful turn.


We've heard that phrase over and over in newspapers, salons, etc, but does that makeover last for more than day?

Grassroots prides at its makeover sessions, and we believe we give you a makeover that lasts you a lifetime. With professionals in the field such as 'Mona Lall' owner of Clippings Salon as our panelists, we are delighted to offer makeover sessions that are fun and easy to learn. For the would be brides and teenagers or the mother's who'd want to look and feel younger, this is a perfect deal!