Corporate Consulting

You'd be surprised how expensive

it costs to look cheap - Steven Tyler

Our business services extend to individuals in need of a 'Corporate Image' adjustment. In addition to our Individual Services we offer the following to enhance an all round image that it authentic, appropriate and suitable for your given work environment.

You may choose any of the following or customize each service along with Individual Private Services or see Seminars and Workshops. 

The Corporate World is a professional one. 

The Right first impression can do a world of good to you, as much as it can make or break the deal. Good business etiquettes, impressive presentation skills, dressing for success and Right moves can take you to the top of the corporate ladder. 

Our Image Consulting service can go a long way in shaping your career success enabling you to have a 'cutting edge' amongst your peers. Right from dressing to presentation skills to holding small talk to being a people's person and getting popular in your office, our services will shape a 'winner' all along.


When you appear attractively dressed and well groomed, personally authentic and appropriate for the occasion, you create a positive impression and others are more able to perceive your positive traits.

Be it a job interview, a meeting with a colleague or the CEO, we guide you on what looks best, and is successful in conveying your work ethics, attitude and dedication to work, because believe it or not, first impressions are formed at a quick 30 second, way before you even start to communicate.

We help you with subject matters like the importance of Image in Business, How to determine the best style for you at work, what colors would best suit you and many more such subjects.


A well-versed person is the one that would look impressive as well as articulate well; you may be well read in your field, but if something is not communicated well, it may not be very effective.

This module talks about professionalism in an interactive environment For this module we at Styl.Inc work with your oratory, diction and elocution skills that would help you in the competitive business arena you are in.


Leaders in business are expected to have highest standards of presentation skills.

With the oratory skills come the presentation skills. Pitching right and modulating voices, adheres and guarantees attention of your audience. Fielding questions, using gestures, postures and effective eye contact are some of the various presentation skills. Projecting an effective command over voice and over coming nervousness shall be worked upon in this module.


Have you ever been unsure of which fork to use at a formal business dinner? Table manners are the foremost visible sign of good manners and make a definitive favorable impression.

There are observable signs of table manners and code of conduct that is deemed upon in a professional or casual environment. The need for Dining/Table etiquette arises from basic difference in dining practices followed not only in different parts of the world but India as well.This clinic helps you solve all those inhibitions about dining!